About Us

Green Engine was founded with a focus on developing & commercialization of renewable energy & recycling technologies. While there are quite a few viable technologies, we believe that there is a huge potential for innovation in commercialization of these technologies and making them accessible to all.


To be among the top renewable energy & recycling companies in India with a diverse products & services portfolio. To be a driver in rebuilding the energy infra-structure in India and across the world. Our mission is to make renewable energies accessible to all and now.


Corporate ImageManagement Team

Green Engine was founded by three first generation entrepreneurs with a passion for business & technology. The team has varied backgrounds in education and industry experience. We believe that with our understanding of renewable energy technologies, business and challenges, we can bring innovative products, services and business models into the market.

Brief History

The company was formally incorporated in late 2007 while the research on the business and products had started in the year 2006. Many of our satisfied customers have been using our Solar PV Lighting & Home UPS solutions for the past 2 years.

We have been deploying & commissioning Biogas plants with gas based power generation units for hotels & industries since early 2011.