Welcome to Green Engine.

Green Engine is engaged in development and commercialization of renewable energy products and recycling technologies. We offer a broad range of products & solutions in Solar PV, Biogas & Biomass Gasification technologies proven in the demanding Indian market.

Solar Energy Biogas Energy Biomass Energy

India has an abundance of sun, why not use some of that to light up our lives? Green Engine's well engineered Solar Power Systems, Hybrid UPS and Lighting products deliver quicker ROI with reliable performance for years.

Biogas is a simple and affordable technology for both thermal & power applications. Green Engine's advanced - zero-maintenance Biogas plants offer hassle-free and reliable fuel for power generation & thermal applications.

Biomass Gasification technology offers the cleanest and most affordable energy where dry Biomass is easily available. Green Engine offers proven & affordable Biomass Gasification units in a variety of sizes.

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